The Holy Grail: Holy Cup, Holy Bloodline, or Holy Hoax? | 78

This week you’ve chosen WISELY as we go in search of the cup of a carpenter and try to find the HOLY GRAIL. Or is it Jesus’ kids we’re looking for? Or the cup with Jesus’ blood? I don’t know but somehow Joseph of Arimathea is involved…and maybe King Arthur too. Confused yet? So is...

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Project Serpo: The Intergalactic Scientist Exchange Program | 77

We all looked at the foreign exchange student in high school and wondered what that would be like. Now picture doing that almost 40 light years away! Enter Project Serpo – the alleged top-secret exchange program between the United States government and an alien planet called Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli star system. We sent...

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Voynich Manuscript: Treasure Map or Alien Almanac? | 76

This week on Hysteria 51 we talk for over an HOUR about a 600 year old book! Still with us? While that’s technically true – there’s SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY. The Voynich Manuscript is written in a language no one can read! Is it a cipher? A dead language? A secret map? Written...

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Grey Aliens: Alien Abductors or Nonsense | 75

The Greys – they’re the archetype alien. When someone even says the world “alien” – they likely picture a “Grey”. You’re thinking of them right now – little grey dude…big black eyes…over-sized and round head. Heck, look at our logo – that’s a Grey. Is the image just so common now that every loon who...

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Operation Northwoods: America’s False Flag Operation | 74

Those tin foil hat types are at it again. Talking about a “conspiracy” by the US Government to attack our own cities and military targets just to blame another country so we could invade them…that would NEVER HAPPEN. Wait…hold on…I’m reading…yep, actually not only is it not crazy, it’s confirmed to have been planned! That’s...

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Nazi Bell: Mega Weapon? UFO? Time Machine? Hoax? | 73

The year is 1945 and things aren’t going well for Hitler and the Third Reich. Time is up for Adolph and everyone knows it. Everyone that is but Hitler himself. As the walls begin to close in he puts even more resources into his Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapons. The prize of the lot? A bell...

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