Operation Northwoods: America’s False Flag Operation | 74

Those tin foil hat types are at it again. Talking about a “conspiracy” by the US Government to attack our own cities and military targets just to blame another country so we could invade them…that would NEVER HAPPEN. Wait…hold on…I’m reading…yep, actually not only is it not crazy, it’s confirmed to have been planned! That’s...

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Nazi Bell: Mega Weapon? UFO? Time Machine? Hoax? | 73

The year is 1945 and things aren’t going well for Hitler and the Third Reich. Time is up for Adolph and everyone knows it. Everyone that is but Hitler himself. As the walls begin to close in he puts even more resources into his Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapons. The prize of the lot? A bell...

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Winchester Mystery House: Supernatural Secret or Crazy’s Castle? | 72

Why would the widower of one of the world’s largest gun companies take over 36 years to build a mansion with 160 rooms, staircases that lead to nowhere, trap doors, and secret passageways? Was she simply a crazy old woman with too much time and money on her hands? Or was she doing everything in...

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Bigfoot: America’s Favorite Cryptid | 71

Bigfoot – sometimes a topic needs no introduction and this is one of them. But just in case you stumbled across this podcast by dumb luck and know nothing about cryptids OR you’ve been living in a bomb shelter, cut off from the world, à la Brendan Fraser in Blast From the Past – here’s...

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Majestic 12: The Real Men In Black | 70

Is there a secret, clandestine organization inside the U.S. Government responsible for the identification, investigation, and obfuscation of all extra-terrestrial activity on Earth? If so, they’re called The Majestic 12 and were started back in the 40’s by Truman right around the time of Roswell. But, the theory has its skeptics – INCLUDING members of...

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Remote Viewing: Human Evolution or Hippie Crap? | 68

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see anything, anywhere, at any time? All you have to do is THINK about it and you can see it INSIDE OF YOUR OWN MIND. Sounds cool, right? But no one can do that. That’s the kind of stuff you read in comics and...

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