Satanic Panic: Metal, Black Stuff, & Devil Worship (or just the 80s) | 64

Remember that year or two in the 80s when you weren’t allowed to do anything? Yeah – this week’s topic was pretty much the problem. The “Satanic Panic” was this all too real period mostly during the 80s that America’s housewives knew their kid’s souls were being stolen by “beelzebub”, Ozzy, and anyone else they were listening to on that “devil machine”. The problem with this joke is real people suffered. Real lives were lost – and the “devil” had nothing to do with any of it. We get to the HYSTERIA behind it all next (sorry, too obvious). Plus, C-Bot makes it as a comedian (he thinks), Brent goes chaotic neutral (an upgrade?), and the boys welcome a “pentagram” of guests (it really was an accident). All of that an more on the podcast that’s never been the victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse, but if they were they’re sure it would be at the hands…check that…pinchers…of Conspiracy Bot – Hysteria 51.

Hollow Earth: Aliens, and Giants, and Nazis! Oh My! | 63

The Hollow Earth – the belief by some that instead of a molten core and other science-y things, that instead there’s an entire other world just inside our Earth’s crust. Ancient civilizations? Sure! Dinosaurs. Of course. Another sun? How else would they see? Aliens? Why not! Nazis? Well, this wouldn’t be Hysteria 51 if there weren’t.
But where does this belief come from? How do so many civilizations throughout history share a similar belief of holes in the polar icecaps that take you to this mythical Shangri-La? And…bear with us here…what if? What if, defying logic, science, and really all rational thought there is something more just beneath our feet? This week we grab our spelunking gear and set out to get to the core of the matter.

Plus, Conspiracy Bot hopes to pursue a career in comedy (he can’t), we find a new whack-a-doo society that we’re hoping will give the flat earthers a run for their money (they can’t), and Brent endeavors to teach us about the physics of giants (he can’t). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been inside the Hollow Earth, but if you want to buy a nice piece of land down there – we know a guy – Hysteria 51.

The Watseka Wonder & The Roff House: America’s First Spiritual Possession | 62

In the late 1800’s the sleepy town of Watseka, Illinois saw a series of strange and mysterious events involving the tragic death of one young girl and the beguiling illness of another. The mysterious story allegedly ended with America’s first documented case of spiritual possession. From remote viewing, to necromancy, seances and spiritualism to hauntings and angels, this story has it all. But the larger question remains – did a an actual possession take place? Or, was a grieving family just taken advantage of by a spiritualist huckster? This week we get into the spirit of things for the haunting of the the Roff house and the legend of the “Watseka Wonder”.
Plus, somehow the finer points of Peter Jackson’s work are discussed (Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive, duh), the fellas get to the bottom of the “water cure” (spoiler alert – this isn’t Oprah telling you to drink more of it), and Harley Covington from the Travel Oddities Podcast joins the show! All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been possessed by the dead, but if we were we’d definitely want it to be Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin – Hysteria 51.

Battle of Los Angeles: WW2 Battle Over L.A. or Aliens? | 61

In the early morning hours of February 25th, 1942 the US military fired over 1400 anti aircraft shells and thousands of .50 caliber rounds into the night sky over Los Angeles…at something. The question is, what were they firing at? In the chaos a single photo was taken. In the photo, amidst the artillery, flak, and chaos, was a mysterious craft with searchlights trained on it…a craft with a distinctly saucer shape. Had World War II hit the mainland United States? Or was this a different type of battle altogether…the intergalactic type? We lace up our boots and join the fight this week.
Plus, the boys discuss the benefits of having a Secretary of WAR (there are many), Conspiracy Bot gets a man-cave…err…bot-cave (hey it helps keep the neighbor’s cats safe), and Joe Peck joins the show for the last time (we mean it this time). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always shoot first and ask questions later, but when we do we make SURE it’s directly at Nazis – Hysteria 51.

Project Montauk – Stranger Things are Afoot in New York | 60

On the eastern tip of Long Island New York sits the sleepy town of Montauk. It’s a summertime getaway for New York’s affluent and also happens to be the home of one of the darkest conspiracy theories in US history – the “Project Montauk ”.
Allegedly a special ops black site where children were kidnapped, brainwashed, and experimented on, dissected, and killed. The purposes of which ranged from mind control, remove viewing, and ESP to telekinesis and ripping holes in space time.
Were thousands of children turned into the telekinetic super soldiers…or is this just the mad ramblings of some weird old men. We’ll journey into the upside down to find out. Plus, Brent professes his love for Wynona (Judd), the boys have an uncomfortable debate about the pronunciation of Winona’s first name (Ryder), and Joe Peck joins the show for the last time (C-Bot means it this time). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always pick topics that have TV shows loosely based on them, but when we do it’s always Stranger Things – Hysteria 51.