Remote Viewing: Human Evolution or Hippie Crap? | 68

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see anything, anywhere, at any time? All you have to do is THINK about it and you can see it INSIDE OF YOUR OWN MIND. Sounds cool, right? But no one can do that. That’s the kind of stuff you read in comics and see in movies. In fact, wasn’t that what Patrick Stewart did for like 10 years in those X-Men Movies? It’s called Remote Viewing and not everyone thinks it’s just science fiction. That includes conspiracy theorists, new age philosophers, that one professor you had in college that would smoke weed with his students, and THE U.S. FREAKIN’ GOVERNMENT! Who spent over 2 decades and millions of dollars studying the phenomenon (and of course how they could use it for spying). Is it a real, trainable skill that human beings are only now learning to unlock the potential of, or just another waste of taxpayer time and money by good ol’ Uncle Sam? We open up our third eyes and go investigating this week. Plus, we talk walrus people milking (don’t worry though, no spoilers), C-Bot claims to have access to world’s NEST cams (he doesn’t – we hope), and we find a reason to mention Bill Brasky (never enough of those). All of that and more on the podcast that considers itself a leader in remote viewing…if by remote viewing we mean viewing TV with a remote – Hysteria 51.

Ouija Boards: Satan’s Cell Phone or a Gimmick for Goofs? | 68

The Ouija Board. It’s a simple children’s game. Nothing more than cardboard and plastic. An alphabet laid out for kids to spell out messages and pretend the ghost did it. A plaything for the over active imagination and a tool for the manipulative mind. Nothing more.
The Ouija Board. Not a simple children’s game but much, much more. While it looks like nothing more than cardboard and plastic – appearances can be a deceiving. It’s a summoning tool that in the best of circumstances awakens spirits that should be left in slumber. And in the worst of circumstances opens doors to places that shouldn’t be opened…and sometime can’t be closed. Demons don’t like to be disturbed…
But which is true? Is Hasbro selling a tool of the devil? Or are thousands of idiots spending their time on Youtube videoing themselves with a children’s toy? We examine the history, weigh each side, then dive into the battle and find out for ourselves as we hit the road and test out a Ouija board in the field.
Plus, was Bozo the Clown actually a demon who sent kids to hell? Joe Peck joins the show and spends most of it telling the ghosts they’re all cowards. And the fellas actually try to summon a demon on the air (and we don’t mean C-Bot). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never accidentally summoned a demon from the gates of hell, but if we did we know we’d call Bill Murray to help – Hysteria 51.

The Peoria Plague | 67

In 1972 the WUHN radio station out of Peoria Illinois did something most radio stations had stopped doing long ago, they put on a live radio drama – the Peoria Plague. With its roots in Night of the Living Dead and War of the Worlds, it is a piece that has truly stood the test of time to become one of the great dramas in radio history…and yet most people have not heard of it. There are no original copies to be found, just copies of a copy of a copy that survive in the public domain. But that doesn’t stop Producer Lisa this week as she goes hunting Zombies with the help of Conspiracy Bot while Brent and John have the week off. Will C-Bot try and poison her? Does an old timey audio drama still hold up to this day? Will you even miss Brent and John? Find out next on the podcast that loves zombies and producers that give the hosts the week off – Hysteria 51.

Haunted Congress Hotel: Secret Rooms, Ghosts, and Shadow People | 66

On the south edge of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile – Michigan Avenue – sits the historic Congress Hotel. Originally known for its opulence, it hosted national leaders and foreign dignitaries alike. But almost since its doors opened it’s also been known for something more sinister – it’s hauntings. From tales of trapped construction workers, to the elevator shafts that allegedly claimed so many lives, to the shocking number of suicides – the Congress is said to have seen its unfair share of death. Do ghouls now lurk its halls as guests sleep? Time to put our money where our mouth is and see for ourselves. We’ll take this show on the road to see if the Congress is truly haunted or if it’s just another urban legend to help sell ghost hunting kits. We go ghostbustin’ this week on Hysteria 51.
Plus, Joe Peck returns to the show and brings us actual holy water from Jerusalem in case things get weird (no luck on the piece of the True Cross), Conspiracy Bot installs blast doors on the studio in an attempt to persuade the fellas to take him on the ghost hunt (would you let him loose in downtown Chicago?), and in an unrelated matter Conspiracy Bot no longer has access to a credit card (it’s related). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t stay at haunted hotels often, but when we do, they’re only the nicest haunted hotels – Hysteria 51.

Krampus – The Christmas Demon: Hysteria 51 Celebrates the Holidays | 65

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you know what that means. Stockings, snowmen, hot chocolate, nativity scenes, gingerbread men, horned goat half demons that will drag children to hell. That’s right, to go right along with Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, there’s a more sinister Christmas character lurking beneath the shadows. Krampus – the Christmas Demon! Santa might bring gifts for good little girls and boys – Krampus doesn’t. The hairy beast hits bad kids with sticks and sometimes even throws them in his sack to take back to hell. This week we fire up the Hysteria Sleigh and explore the legend. Plus, are non-Christmas Christmas movies actually Christmas movies (trust us, it’ll make sense)? Conspiracy Bot does his best Clark Griswold. And the fellas exchange Christmas gifts (just be glad they didn’t buy for you). So throw another yule log on the fire, grab a glass of eggnog and cozy up for one hell of a Christmas tradition as we celebrate the holidays the only way we know how on the podcast that doesn’t always do a holiday episode, but when it does…does it right – Hysteria 51.