Ep 19: Aftermath – Barney and Betty Hill

In last week’s episode we learned about Barney and Betty Hill. A nice couple from New Hampshire that said they were abducted by aliens back in the early 60s. The problem was, they couldn’t really remember what happened. Did they learn the secrets of interstellar travel? Were they experimented on? Exactly how many anal probes were involved? The answer to these questions and more were missing along with their memories. So, the Hills did what any sensible couple would do – they visited a hypnotist. The results of those sessions, the aftermath of their story going public, and our theories on what really happened are all in this week’s edition of the show. Plus, Carl Sagan joins us (sort of), Conspiracy Bot takes another step towards our eventual demise, and we take a skeptical look at Stanton Friedman – the world’s foremost expert on alien abductions he can profit from. All of that and more on the podcast you can’t live with, but can live without (seriously, you can’t move in) – Hysteria 51.

Ep 18: Abduction – Barney and Betty Hill

Alien abductions have a lot in common with first dates. They’re weird, you aren’t sure how they’ll end, and you get touched in fairly uncomfortable places…no, not like the back of a Volkswagen. The first modern, recorded example of these in the US happened September 19th, 1961 in rural New Hampshire. Barney and Betty Hill were on their way back from Canada (of course) when they say had a close encounter. Did it really happen? If so, what did the aliens want? And why aren’t UFOs referred to as flying pancakes? The boys are joined by author and Mok’bara (Klingon martial art) expert Michael Paul Gonzalez, Conspiracy Bot abuses Flintstones vitamins, and the eerie similarities between aliens and the British are explored. All of that plus Robert Stack’s trench coat on the podcast that you aren’t mad at, just really disappointed in…Hysteria 51.

Ep 17: Roanoke – The Lost Colony

Ever put something somewhere and when you come back to get it, it’s gone? Us too. Well, that also happened to artist-turned-governor John White in 1590. Though, instead of losing his keys, he lost a colony of over 100 people including his daughter and granddaughter. How’s that for being born under a bad sign? When John returned to the scene of the crime (?), not only were the people gone, but so were the buildings. The only thing that remained was a wood post with the word “Croatoan” etched into its surface. Where did they go? What did Croatoan mean? And why in GOD’S NAME WAS AN ARTIST IN CHARGE OF A COLONY? Sorry, we let that one get away from us. The H51 I-Team investigates. Plus Conspiracy Bot gets a seat at the table, Gofo tries (unsuccessfully) to convince Brent to read, and the boys share the words to a Jimmy Buffet song you only thought you knew. All of that and more on the podcast that had you at hello, but then kept talking – Hysteria 51.

Ep 16: The Moon Landing

One small step for man, one giant leap for…Hollywood producers? This week the team looks into the moon landing. Did we actually have the technology to get there? If we didn’t, who was behind the conspiracy? Is the lunar surface actually comprised of cheese or is this just more “fake news” being perpetuated by supposedly credible news agencies like Saturday Night Live. These hard hitting questions and more along with the return of resident Reptilian expert Joe Peck and resident doctor (or as close as we’ll get…she’s in pre-med) Bailey Shemenski. On your favorite podcast to listen to in the shower (or podcast that you shower after you listen to) – Hysteria 51.

Ep 15: The Boston Strangler

The Mad Strangler of Boston, The Phantom Strangler, The Silk Stocking Murders, The Boston Strangler. No matter the name, over a period of 2 years in the early 60’s one killer (or killers) murdered 13 women and terrorized a community. Then as suddenly as the horrific crimes started they stopped. Soon after a convicted rapist stepped forward and claimed to have murdered all 13 women. While the police, the city, and the entire New England area were relieved to have this fiend behind bars…some wonder if they had the right man. Many believe that not only could others have been involved, but that the true Strangler could still be walking the streets of Boston today. H 51’S i-team investigates. All of that plus Conspiracy Bot drinks from Lake Michigan and the boys are joined by special guest (and CastleLight Productions proprietor) Ryan Cassell. Lock your house, close the blinds, and don’t answer the door for this unsolved edition of Hysteria 51.